As a new customer please read and provide the following:

Guest Check-in Sheet
Services Release Form
Services & Policies Brochure
Boarding Info Card
Shaved Dog Release

Articles and Information Written/Provided by Carol:

Why is My Dog Receiving Day Care Services
All Grooms Include
How to Choose a Dog Groomer
Is My Dog Overweight?
The Truth About Pet Shavedowns
Why is My Dog So Matted?

Forms for Surrending or Adopting a Dog through the Shiawassee Humane Society:

SHS Adoption

Carol and Dean are actively involved in fostering homeless dogs in
conjunction with the Shiawassee Humane Society. They have provided a home,
medical care, restorative therapy and training to over 22 dogs since 2008.
All the foster dogs have been successfully re-homed as SHS adoptions and
direct placements. They provide all these services as part of their active
involvement and donation to the SHS.