Grooming Spa customers may call 989-277-0740 for the next available appointment. We are the best choice for customers who commit to a regular, repeating grooming schedule of every 2-10 weeks and who want a professional groomer caring for their dog’s specific needs, style and temperament. Take a look at Carol’s article, “How to Choose a Dog Groomer”, to help you decide where to have your dog groomed. Cancellations or reschedules may be charged full price if within 24 hours of appointment. 

DayCare Rates Combined with Grooming

Grooming Customers who need to stay more than one hour before/after their appointment will receive full day care services. Make groom day a fun day!

  • One to Four Hours: $5.00
  • Four to Eight Hours: $10.00
  • More than Eight Hours: $2.00/hour

All Grooms Include

• Nails trimmed 
• Ears cleaned and ear canal hair plucked if necessary 
• Anal Glands checked, expressed if appropriate 
• Massaging bath with coat-appropriate shampoo 
• Skin and coat conditioning rinse 
• High-velocity dry off for undercoat removal, straightening of curly coats 
• Hand blow dry and brushing for optimal coat finish and shedding coat removal 
• Pads shaved 
• Sanitary area shaved as appropriate 
• Hair cut in accordance with breed standards or owner preference 
• Finishing fragrance and Bows or Bandanna 
• Alert to potential health or skin problems observed. 

• Grooming Customers who need to stay more than one hour before/after their appointment will receive full day care services at day care rates.

Also Available

• Teeth brushing: $10ea or 4 for $30 
• Blueberry Facials to minimize stains: $6-8 
• Soothing Paw/Pad Soak: $4-6 
• Medicated shampoos and conditioners for dry, irritated, or allergic skin types: $5-15 
• Odor neutralizing bath: $15-40 
• Flea/Tick bath: $10-15 
• Coat dematting: $5 for10 minutes 
• Furminator System of shampoo, conditioner and brush out for excessive shedding: $10-20 
• Creative grooming- Hair color, nail polish, accessories, costumes for special occasions: Quoted 
• Daycare services available on day of groom. $5/4 hours, $10/8hours. 


Required Vaccinations and Preventives

We MUST receive proof of vaccinations by a licensed Veterinarian no later than five (5) days “before” your pet’s date of arrival. You may have them mailed, faxed, or dropped off. We regard our guests’ health to be of the utmost importance and will strictly enforce these policies. Failure to follow these health policies will result in your pet being turned away from their stay with us.

Distemper (5 in 1)