Luxury Boarding


New customers may call or schedule online a 30 minute Meet and Greet visit with your dog and family at least 5 days prior to your stay to see the facility, assure we have what your dog needs and that it’s a good match for everyone. Current customers may call for a reservation or send a Reservation Request online. Overnight suites are available to customers who have been bathed or professionally groomed within the last 6 weeks. Please do not bring us a stinky, dirty dog as it affects the stay for all our guests. All dogs need and deserve care that includes at a minimum nails trimmed, a coat soothing bath and ears cleaned. If your dog needs care, we will provide a resort groom at current prices at the beginning of their stay to guarantee the other guests that all guests are clean, parasite free, have a known personality and are ready for a great time.


Resort Suites vary in size from 12 to 24 square feet with inviting tile floors, colorful laminate walls and glass doors and dividers. Suites will be assigned based on availability, size and behavior of your dog and the number of family members staying together. Open boarding is also available in the indoor playroom for the most courteous/obedient guests upon request and based on continued good behavior. 


• Individual guest suites. Family occupancy is available for related dogs living together.
• Wake-up calls and breakfast served from 6:00 to 6:30 am. 
• Five to seven outdoor, leash-free potty breaks, five to 10 minutes each, weather dependent in the ¾ acre grassed, five-foot high fenced play yard beginning at 6:00a.m. and ending at 7:00p.m. 
• Water served in a raised diner and refreshed twice-daily minimum or as needed.
• Daily housekeeping 
• In-suite dining up to 2x daily with your food (Resort food selection available-serving Best Breed but we recommend your own food to avoid stomach upset) 
• Activities and Amenities offered mid-morning and mid-afternoon shown below. 
• Dinner bell rings between 4:00 and 5:30pm 
• Bedding supplied but your bedding recommended for a sense of home. 
• Last potty break and lights out between 6:30-7:00pm. Also available for a small fee: 
• Special feeding needs accommodated: including heating, moistening, mixing, and refrigeration. 
• Medical needs accommodated: including dispensing prescriptions, injections, vitamins, and skin/ear treatment. 



• $40 Adult Rate per Dog per 24 hour stay 
• $45 Puppy Rate under 12 months. Some puppies may be more based on maturity and needs. 
• $45 Playroom Open Boarding Rate per dog is available for qualified families of dogs, Puppy rate $40. 
• Rates are for a 24 hour stay. Day care rates apply beyond the 24-hour check out time. 
• Check in/out times are by appointment only. Allow 15 minutes for check-in/out. 
• After Hours Service: Check in/out before or after normal business hours: $32.00 by special arrangement. 
• Reservations require a deposit equal to the number of nights you are staying at the adult rate. A $12 non-refundable cancellation fee will be charged per dog on all canceled reservations. Cancellations within 72 hours of arrival forfeit the deposit. No refund will be given for late arrival or early departure. There is a two-night minimum during the holidays and on all weekends.


Activities and Amenities

Most dogs staying at the resort want and/or need the amenities and activities that make the difference between a comfortable stay and a truly wonderful and fun stay. We will recommend a plan based on your dog’s needs and activity level. 

• Country Walk: On-leash, 10-minute power walk on trail or road, lots of sites and smells: $5.00
• Group Play: Active, romping, supervised 10-30 minute play with socialization/size based small groups: $5.00
• Cuddle Time: 10 minutes of one-on-one, face-to-face lovin’ time with your cuddle dog: $5.00
• Pet Massage: A complete nose to tail rub down in their suite with special attention to neck, shoulders, hips, feet and ears, 10 minutes: $10.00.
• Bedtime Treats: A healthy treat given with a goodnight kiss: $1.00
• Introductory Obedience Training: 30 minutes of one-on-one leash time to reinforce non-pull walking, heel, sit, stay: $25.00
• Special Needs: Quoted per your requests. 

Required Vaccinations and Preventives

We must receive proof of vaccinations by a licensed Veterinarian no later than five (5) days BEFORE your pet’s date of arrival. You may have them mailed, faxed, text or dropped off. We regard our guests’ health to be of the utmost importance and will strictly enforce these policies. Failure to follow these health policies will result in your pet being denied check-in.
Required for all Services 

• Rabies Distemper/Parvo (5 in 1)
• Bordatella (Kennel Cough) 
• Negative fecal test (within last 12 months)
• Flea/Tick Preventive (April-November) 

Dogs boarding or playcare must be spayed/neutered (fixed, unsexed) unless they are an active AKC show dog.